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Woodylock™ Sandjet | Sandblaster

Woodylock™ Sandjet | Sandblaster

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Transform Your Unfinished Projects into Masterpieces!

Fed up with those unfinished projects around the house? Manual sanding only adds to the frustration.

Discover Woodylock SandJet, the portable mini SandBlaster. It makes home improvement effortless—just point and spray for instant results. Complete your projects with ease and take pride in your space!

Bring New Life to Wood and Metal with Ease!

With SandJet, removing rust, paint, and grime from any surface is effortless, making your wood and metal items look like new again.

Ideal for restoring that old garden bench or rejuvenating a weathered metal gate, SandJet turns your refurbishment projects into easy and enjoyable tasks

Precise & Portable - SandJet is Your Best Choice

Forget the cumbersome industrial sandblasters that need complex setup and handling. Woodylock SandJet delivers pinpoint accuracy with its lightweight, handheld design, perfect for DIY enthusiasts.

Hear from our customers about how much time and effort they save on home improvement projects with Woodylock SandJet.

Frequently Asked

What is in the SandJet PRO Kit?

The SandJet Pro Kit is designed for anyone who needs the full capabilities of the SandJet. It includes:

  • SandJet Sandblaster
  • 1/4" Adapter
  • 2x Nozzle Cleaning Brush

The SandJet Basic Kit only includes the SandJet and 1/4" Adapter.

What type of air compressor is needed for the SandJet?

For optimal performance, we recommend an air compressor that can deliver 7 CFM at 90 - 150 PSI.

Can the SandJet be used on different types of surfaces?

Absolutely! SandJet is designed for versatility, suitable for cleaning and restoring wood, metal, and various other materials.

What kind of media can I use with the SandJet?

SandJet supports a wide range of blasting medias, including baking soda, glass beads, and aluminum oxide, allowing you to choose the best medium for your project.

Is the SandJet suitable for large projects?

While ideal for small to medium projects due to its portable size, the SandJet can be used for larger tasks with more frequent refills, offering great flexibility.

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